How to Motivate without Money:  The Art of Encouragement

How do we motivate and encourage others? As we have moved into an era of coaching and mentoring, rather than supervising and managing, encouraging those who work with us and for us becomes a needed and learnable skill. The traditional method of using “gold stars” is gimmicky and implies a contest where there will be a winner and losers. The “half time speech” is too general in its focus and shallow in its sincerity. So what are we to do? Learn the Art of Encouragement.

Praise and encouragement are not the same. Their impact and ability to influence our work and daily life is dramatic. One has the potential to motivate, the other falls short of the mark and may even be a discouraging factor.

In this program Jack presents the concept of encouragement with specific examples of how encouragement addresses the ten major elements that discourage us daily and demonstrates why praise is of limited value. He then identifies the techniques people will use to discourage us from encouraging them, why they resist any encouragement, and what we can do to remain an encouraging person.

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