Six Tips to Surviving the Teenage Years

No doubt one of the most trying times for parents and their children comes during that scary period known as the teenage years. So many changes occur in both them and us. This presentation seeks to remind us what makes up a teenager and presents practical strategies for us to deal with the everyday flash points that occur between parents and their teens. These six tips will serve as a guide for parents during this difficult time … tips like picking and choosing your battles, being proactive rather than reactive, allowing your teen to exercise their freedom to choose and, at the same time, ensuring that they are held responsible for those choices. These tips can allow us and them to survive these crazy years while still loving one another.

  1. 1.  Pick and Choose Your Battles

  2. 2.  Have a Plan

  3. 3.  Our Keywords

  4. 4.  Their Evasions and Excuses

  5. 5.  The Dream or the Nightmare

  6. 6.  Boast and Brag

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