The Umbrella:  a Model for Value-Driven Organizations

Every organization or business is a tangible manifestation of a partnership. What does it mean to be a member of a partnership? What are the obligations of membership in the partnership? Is the partnership value-driven?

If the goals of the organization are to be achieved, each member is expected to commit to the objectives of the partnership and must also agree to the intangibles implied in that partnership, for example, treating each other with respect, valuing each member’s contribution, behaving ethically. The way we deal with one another in that partnership will define us as a value-driven organization.

This program presents a value-driven model that identifies the goals of a value-driven organization, and the guidelines and responsibilities of each member of the team. We will look at the role of ethics and values in our daily activities and discuss strategies for dealing with members who do not choose to commit to the guidelines and to the organization.

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